Reinstate the Name 'Fraser Island

To the Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament Assembled:

We, the undersigned, appeal to the Australian Senate to take all actions available to overturn the recent decision to officially rename Fraser Island to K'gari.

We firmly believe that there is a need to preserve the historical significance of the name 'Fraser Island' as it stands as a testimony to Australia's rich and multifaceted past. Fraser Island has a rich history and is an important destination, home, recreational area, and natural wonder that is equally enjoyed by all Australians and visitors to our land.

Locals of the Fraser Coast, Queensland, or Australians broadly were not consulted over the name change, contrary to government policy.  It always was, always will be Fraser Island.

Our reasons are as follows:

Historical Continuity: Fraser Island has been known to the global community for almost 200 years by this name. This identity is deeply ingrained not only in maps and literature but also in the minds of countless Australians and tourists worldwide.

Diverse History: The Island shares a history of Aboriginal people intertwined with European exploration and settlement. The story of Eliza Fraser serves as a reminder of the island's multifaceted past, representing both indigenous and European histories. To erase one is to disregard a part of the island's rich tapestry.

Educational Value: Keeping the name Fraser Island provides an opportunity for educating the public about both the Aboriginal history and the European experiences on the island. It serves as a starting point for discussions about colonialism, indigenous rights, and shared histories.

Recognition and Tourism: Fraser Island is recognised globally under its current name, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. The abrupt change of name will lead to confusion and impact the island's global appeal.

Preserving Legacy: While we acknowledge that there have been controversies associated with Eliza Fraser's tragic biography post her shipwreck torture and captivity, it's essential to preserve such histories, as a reflection of the times and the perceptions of those eras.

We urge the Senate to understand that our request is not to undermine the significance of any one group's claimed connection to the island. Instead, our plea aims to maintain a name that has become a symbol of Australia's rich, diverse, and glorious history.

By reinstating the name 'Fraser Island', we are promoting a dialogue about our past, learning from it, and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

We respectfully ask for a review of the decision and a thoughtful reconsideration of our shared heritage.

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    Way too many changes, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE !
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