Cost of Living

One Nation has always advocated for lower cost-of-living pressures on Queensland families and businesses.

We have led the charge and long advocated for the removal of state government excise on insurance premiums to help with one of the most important costs many families face. We will also end taxpayers’ subsidies for inefficient and unreliable solar and wind power. New power plants would be built using coal to meet the rising demand for affordable and reliable power.

There also wouldn’t be any vanity projects, like Labor's precious Gabba $2.7 billion rebuild. This was money that could have been put into freeing up vacant land and building homes. One Nation has long advocated for wasteful government expenditures to end and for the government to direct resources toward alleviating the housing cost crunch.

Certainly, Woolworths, Aldi and Coles could be held to account for price gouging. The state government has announced 'inquiries', whereas One Nation would act, forcing supermarkets to be fair to farmers and consumers while exploring ways to ensure healthy competition in the grocery sector.

One Nation will announce further information and associated policies relating to Queensland over the course of the election period.

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  • Peter Chatman
    commented 2024-02-28 13:12:08 +1000
    This is a biggie that is affecting millions of ordinary Australians. The economy is collapsing. Australia is the worst performing nation in the OECD With Unprecedented extreme migration resulting in Australians being forced out of homes unable to afford the rent or mortgage repayments. We are being heavily Taxed on everything to offset the cost of these migrants now in the country. Plus the Tax increases needed to Fund the Billions of dollars to fund “Net Zero”. Industry is moving offshore as Net Zero starts to bite making it too expensive to make things in Australia; many businesses are going Bankrupt, closing shop and sacking staff every day.
    We have a staggering influx of Migrants, far more than our economy, jobs availability, health system, and housing can support or sustain. Normal Australians are now victimized and discriminated against. Our crime rate is exponentially rising with a cultural shift and culture protests and violent scenes across most states of Australia. We are doomed!!! I am not racist at all but these policies and many others speak for themselves and are clearly are destroying the Australia that many of us grew up with – THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG! I believe that at this time, Pauline Hanson and One Nation are the only ones fighting for ordinary Australians and can reverse some of these FRIGHTENING trends. We need a Sustainable Australia, not a Big Australia.
  • Peter Chatman
    followed this page 2024-02-28 13:12:04 +1000
  • Albert Gersh
    published this page in Policies 2024-01-22 14:19:42 +1000