Withdraw Experimental Gene-Based Treatment—Covid Medical Network

The attached Covid Medical Network (CMN) letter dated 8 March 2022 summarises and supports the many concerns that people throughout the world have expressed in regard to the experimental COVID gene-based vaccines.

The CMN point to potential sub-standard data, governance and flawed processes that Australian governments and their advisers have relied on in approving and in mandating these so-called vaccinations. Vaccinations that we know have caused significant numbers of adverse effects and deaths.

The Morrison Government and their advisers in the TGA and ATAGI must respond promptly to these shocking allegations.

The Morrison Government must come clean and respond to the CMN and hand over their policies, minutes, advices and the data that they relied upon to so significantly affect the health and social fabric of Australia. And no blanked out (redacted) documents please.

This CMN letter, written and supported by doctors, clinicians, researchers and stakeholders, must be treated seriously.

It is just another reason that One Nation is calling for a Royal Commission.

Read the letter here:

Open Letter to Atagi, TGA and Federal Health Department

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