Why can’t you find a rental anymore?

The ABC has published a story (03/042023 ABC news - Why can't you find a cheap rental anymore?) about the real cause of the rental crisis. Society's elites at the ABC are facing the reality that the exact reason for the rental crisis is immigration.




Finally, the ABC takes One Nation’s core policy points and delivers the hard cold facts about immigration. This news story must send a shiver down the spine of those elitists in the inner city who just don’t want to hear it.

The news clip below says there are several statistics related to the rental crisis in Australia. The number of long-term rentals available is low, while the number of short-term holiday rentals, mostly on Airbnb, is six times higher.

The median Capital City increase in rent over the past year is triple the high inflation rate, at 20%. The real cause of the rental crisis is immigration, which is running at unprecedented levels, with potentially 400,000 net migrants this year. Most of these migrants are students or people who initially said they were coming for a holiday but then changed their visa status. They mostly arrive in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane and will take up available accommodation in those cities within one month.

Migrants are arriving at the rate of 1000 per day. Increasing the supply of housing is being discussed, but it will take years to result in actual buildings.

Meanwhile, the demand for housing from immigration is immediate due to staff shortages, and the rental crisis is unlikely to end soon because it's easier and quicker to get people than to build houses.

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