Who should have been consulted on the Voice?

Representing the interests of all Australians is a key One Nation focus, and we are deeply concerned about the recent reports from news.com.au of the lack of consultation on the Aborigional voice to parliament proposal. The comments made by Uncle Francis Xavier Kurrupuwu, a senior Tiwi Islands elder, highlight the failure of the current approach to engage Aboriginal communities in this important process.


It is clear, from listening to Aboriginal communities from across Australia, that the Labor government didn’t consult with all Aboriginal communities. Instead, they stacked rooms, over various days, with their supporters and then claimed an extreme minority of Aboriginal people were ‘listened to’.

It is now apparent a huge majority of Australia’s aboriginal community opposes the Voice.

Uncle Francis Xavier's comments reflect the frustration and disappointment felt by many Indigenous communities who feel left out of the consultation process. He stated that Aboriginal people on the Tiwi Islands were "completely confused" due to the lack of information and consultation, and described the situation as "shocking." It is unacceptable that a proposal of such importance has not been adequately communicated to the very communities it aims to empower.

One Nation believes that consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities should be at the forefront of any decision-making process that affects them. It is imperative that politicians and policymakers take the time to meet with remote communities, listen to their concerns, and ensure that their voices are heard and respected. The lack of consultation, as highlighted by Uncle Francis Xavier, is a failure on the part of the government and undermines the integrity of the Indigenous voice to parliament proposal.

Furthermore, One Nation is disappointed to note that no federal Labor minister has traveled to the Tiwi Islands since being elected to government. This lack of engagement from the opposition party is concerning and highlights the need for all political parties to prioritize consultation with Indigenous communities.

One Nation stands for the fair and equal treatment of all Australians, including Indigenous peoples.

We are deeply concerned about the lack of consultation on the Indigenous voice to parliament proposal, as highlighted by Uncle Francis Xavier Kurrupuwu's comments.


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