What is going on with public education in Queensland?

Good teachers are leaving the profession. Education outcomes are declining. Disruption in classrooms is rising and schools are struggling to cope. School corridors are choked with vape fumes, and every day there’s a new video of an orchestrated playground punch-up on social media. 

Bad teachers are indoctrinating students, leading them to wag school to participate in protests at the behest of terrorist groups. 

Staff at Balmoral State High School have been busted creating a poor taste ‘calendar’ featuring offensive photos of themselves, apparently taken at the school during work hours, which was subsequently on display among students. 

Unwritten orders have been handed down to state schools asking them to reduce suspensions, and now the Miles Labor government is going to give misbehaving students and their families the right to appeal suspensions. 

Kids with a history of suspension for poor behaviour will no longer face consequences. Instead, they’ll get a ‘student support plan’ and eoxtra resources and personal attention, while well-behaved children are effectively sidelined. 

Labor’s priorities are all in the wrong places. As any responsible parent understands, developing children need boundaries and appropriate consequences when they step outside them. 

Discipline is in the best interests of every child’s education – but not, apparently, as far as the Miles Labor government is concerned. 

One Nation is getting back to basics with education, with a strong emphasis on discipline and responsibility. Check out our comprehensive education policy here

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