What does this Government and the TGA have to hide?

From watching me at Senate Estimates many of you will be familiar with the process of Government bureaucrats taking questions on notice — they have a deadline of 6 weeks after being asked.

In October last year I asked on notice to be provided with the process by which deaths reported by doctors are reviewed by the TGA. What is the process used to take over 800 deaths reported as 'close in time' to receiving the vaccine, and whittle them down to say that only 11 were caused by the vaccine?

Watch here as the TGA ducks and weaves in interrogation. 

Currently there are 61 out of 136 questions on notice that are outstanding. We ask a lot of questions, but that is our job and it is right because we are asking on behalf of our constituents.

What's not right is that we have 45% of those questions unanswered. 


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