Wasted Years of Defence

For years I have warned that Australia has not been doing enough to prepare against the threat of China.

Yet my warnings were ignored, opportunities were missed, and as a result years of proper defence and preparation have been wasted.

I worry that instead of focusing all its efforts on how best to defend our nation, politicians have pushed our military towards virtue signalling and unnecessary pandering.

Let me give you an example, a very credible source has told me that the military base in Shoalwater Bay faced additional costs as a result of having a special halal kitchen built.

I'm sure this isn't a one-off case.

The question should be asked, why are we wasting time building extra kitchens instead of submarines?

Recently we have seen a lot of announcements of defence upgrades, but because of these wasted years much of what has been announced is years—if not decades—away.

China is home to a famous terracotta army. With our defence policy full of so many hollow announcements that begin to show cracks as soon as any pressure is applied, I worry Australia may soon be home to a terracotta army as well.

We cannot allow this to happen.

We should no longer tolerate the billions and billions that have been wasted as a result of cancelled contracts for submarines and drones.

The defence of this country is too important and the brave men and women who serve in our military deserve better.

More here on this topic from Andrew Bolt at Sky News 

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