Voice to have all the power

The elites are well and truly in charge of the Voice agenda, with a recent declaration they plan to use the Voice to seize power. Many Aboriginals you chat with on the street would tell you their dreams are about a better future for their family and kids, not the elitist Voices of parliament.


Dividing Australia along racial lines has long been a goal of extremist elites who try to tell Australians how to run their lives.

Now the extremist elites have let slip how their vision of how the Voice will work.

They declared from their lofty positions on high, “The Indigenous voice “will have a lot of power” and will not passively wait to be consulted,”

“There is a misconception that it will have no power and it will have no influence. I mean we can debate that for ages but of course, it will have a lot of power. It will have a lot of power because it's a constitutional voice that is mandated by the Australian people and that gives it a lot of power,

“It will make the representations. So it's not a consultative body in that it is sitting there waiting passively for the Commonwealth to consult it or bureaucrats to consult it.”

These revelations should send a shudder down the spine of every decent Australian. The Voice will have power, will interfere in government and will be an activist body (code: home for extremists like Lidia Thorpe).

The words used by the elitists who are pursuing the Voice are the worst-case scenario for Australia.

These people have now placed on record their desire to usurp Australian democracy and that spells disaster for the way we live and everything we stand for.

Source: Professor Davis and Ms Anderson, co-chairs of the ‘Uluru Dialogue’ quoted in - The Australian 28/02/2023


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