MASSIVE UPDATE: Pauline Hanson - Behind the Scenes

Get set Melbourne - Please Explain is on the move and coming to Victoria in a sold out, up close and personal event with Pauline Hanson and the creators of our enormously successful cartoon series.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also been keeping another surprise from you. Sky News host Paul Murray will be our special guest on the night.

This is a one off behind the scenes show where Pauline Hanson will step you through the series and the fun we have creating it each week. You’ll learn where the idea came from, how we write the scripts, who voices the characters and then who brings the animation to life every Friday morning at 6:00am. We’ll show you rough cut story boards, never before seen footage, and afterwards, give you direct access to Pauline Hanson, Paul Murray and the creators so you can talk to them one-on-one.

Bring your smart phone for photos - your marker pen for signatures - and let’s have a great night together.

We’re also pleased to announce a special auction on the night that will give one lucky person the chance to have themselves drawn and included in an upcoming episode. The successful bidder will also receive a signed bottle of the limited edition Directors Batch Rum, signed by both Pauline Hanson and the crew of Please Explain.

The South Melbourne venue will be revealed three (3) days out from the event to prevent the Greens organising their protest rabble. We can’t wait to see you on Saturday July 22!

If you desperately wanted tickets but missed out - join the standby list. We'll get in touch with you if someone cannot make the event. Just RSVP on this link, and we will be in touch if anyone cancels. 



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