They say an organisation rots from the head, and that's precisely what's occurred within the Queensland Police.

Moral is at an all-time low following the Police Commissioner's time in the top job.

More police are leaving the force (or 'service' as it's known today) than ever before.

Under recent changes made by Katarina Carroll and Labor, Queensland Police are now taking recruits as young as 17 to plug the gaps. What life experience does a 17-year-old have when it comes to community safety or dealing with the greater public?

Police are being restricted to desk duties following vexatious, more often than not false claims by criminals, leaving them unable to do overtime while under investigation.

Katarina Carroll stood down and threatened Queensland Police with criminal charges of 'Official Misconduct' who refused to have the jab. How disgraceful!

This is a Police Commissioner who has been more focused on climbing the greasy ladder instead of dealing with the state's worsening crime and standing up for the 17,000 staff that fall within her remit.

Katarina Carroll will be remembered as a failed Police Commissioner and there should be no consideration of a second-term appointment.

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