Thousands Sign Up To Protect Great Keppel Island's Name

A petition featuring more than 10,000 signatures calling for Great Keppel Island to be
protected from Labor’s plan to give it an indigenous name will be tabled in the Senate

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson thanked the thousands of Australians standing
against yet more racial division and signing up to protect the island’s true name.

“Labor has failed to heed the overwhelming rejection of racial divisions at last year’s
referendum,” Senator Hanson said.

“Labor continues to sow this division in Queensland, the state with the highest ‘no’ vote in
the country, with the disastrous path to treaty, land transfers without community consultation
and sneaky attempts to discard traditional place names in favour of unknown indigenous
language words.

“There are already countless places in Australia with names derived from indigenous
languages, including Canberra – the national capital itself. One Nation supports keeping
names like Goondiwindi, Toowoomba and Mareeba because those are the names those
communities chose.

“Labor plans to rename Great Keppel Island, a tourism icon known around the world, with
‘Woppa’, a local indigenous word. This is very clear from the master plan document
produced by this deliberately-ignorant, out-of-touch Miles Labor government.

“When we revealed this, Labor said ‘there were no plans’ to change the name. We all know
the value of Labor’s ‘we have no plans’ line: absolutely zero. All the lies have destroyed
Labor’s credibility.

“If One Nation wins the balance of power in Queensland at this year’s state election we will
protect all established place names and reverse recent changes, such as that done to Fraser
Island. We’ll repeal the path to treaty legislation. We’ll work for real equality for all
Queenslanders regardless of race.”

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