The Memo Perrottet Won't Write

Coming back into parliamentary service three years ago, the thing that has surprised me most about the NSW Government is the huge amount of time and money wasted by senior public servants in the workplace.

Since 2019 I have been alerted to and collected information on the following activities inside government departments during work-time:

  • Welcome to Country ceremonies
  • Rainbow Flag-raising ceremonies
  • Rainbow Cake-cutting events
  • Harmony Council meetings
  • Reconciliation Units
  • Critical Race Theory training
  • White Privilege shaming walks
  • Time in the ‘Imaginarium’ room contemplating the future
  • Personal Well-Being Sessions
  • How to Laugh lessons, like the disgusting one held last week during the flood crisis
  • Yoga and other ‘relaxation’ classes during Lockdowns
  • How to bake Indigenous cookies
  • Hanging expensive Indigenous paintings in the Treasury tea-room
  • Setting up special Yarning Circle rooms
  • Paying for Busker entertainment during Zoom meetings
  • LGBTIQ Alphabet hand-wringing sessions
  • Handing over floor space at the Powerhouse Museum to the ‘Department of Homo Affairs’
  • Unconscious bias therapy training
  • Bruce Pascoe Book Clubs
  • Wear It Purple Day
  • Meetings to get rid of girlie photos in the toilets of construction sites
  • Gender Equality Units
  • So-called Cultural Sensitivity training.

After all these activities have been completed, they must have 7 minutes left before knocking off for the day—enough time for sorting out their personal pronouns (as Transport for NSW did recently).

There’s your answer as to why the trains aren’t running properly, our school results have gone down the drain, and hospital emergency rooms are over-crowded.

Instead of doing their day jobs, senior public servants on big money are involved in woke political rubbish. More junior public servants tell me they resent this campaign as they, quite properly, they just want to do the job they signed up for.

Premier Perrottet could end this with one simple memo to Departmental heads: announcing a new productivity measure of saving hours every day by abolishing the woke politics and getting back to actually serving the people and taxpayers of NSW.

How hard is that? But Perrottet is scared to act. He knows of the problem but finds it too hard to stand up to his Leftie public service bosses.

In practice, he’s not running the State, they are. And taxpayers are being ripped off badly—paying for politics, instead of customer service.

Mark Latham MLC
16 March 2022

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