The Great Albo: Challenging Whitlam's Legacy with a $3.5 Million Spending Spree

Gough Whitlam is widely regarded as Australia’s most unsuccessful and disliked Prime Minister, he lost more elections than he won, got sacked because he was trying to raise dodgy loans from the Middle East and engaged in Australia’s most flagrant spending spree.

Now there is a new bloke on the block, and he’s challenging for the role of the weakest spine, most profligate spender of public money and most disliked Prime Minister on record, Albo. Try this on for size..

In a manoeuvre that would make even Whitlam blush, our dear Foreign Affairs Minister, Penny Wong, has announced a $3.5 million fund to support international LGBT+ activist groups. Did you know we had a spare $3.5 million to spare? We didn’t.

I mean, why not spend taxpayers' money on issues that don't affect the country? Brilliant! Straight out of the Labor playbook, if you ask us.

It's just great to see that our government is so committed to being a good international citizen that they're willing to throw away millions of dollars on something that will not even have a significant impact. Who cares if there are more pressing domestic issues that could benefit from this money, right?

To us it sounds a little like Labor is going into other countries and colonising, enforcing their religious and cultural beliefs, so those pesky savages are a little more civilised, like Albo and Wong. And we know how pro-colonisation Penny Wong is, right?

And why stop at $3.5 million? Why not throw in a few more million while we're at it? I'm sure there's an endless supply of taxpayers' money to waste on pet projects that make us feel good about ourselves.

Mind the sarcasm, because isn’t it just fantastic to see our government so willing to spend taxpayers' money on issues that don't directly affect them. Who needs healthcare, education, or infrastructure when we can just throw money at global initiatives and hope for the best? Bravo, Penny. Bravo.




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