Stop the Rent Tax

One Nation strongly condemns a proposal supported by Greens indigenous affairs spokesperson Lidia Thorpe for non-indigenous Australians to pay a race based rent tax.


The rent tax scheme would see millions of Australians thrown further into poverty as their rents balloon or families pay more on top of their ever-increasing mortgages.

The model would see Australian property owners pay a weekly "rent" tax to Indigenous groups based on their ancestral claim to the land.

Any “Pay the Rent” scheme, which is being promoted and backed by celebrities, would see homeowners voluntarily (until it's involuntary) paying a percentage of their income to a body led by Aboriginal elders with no government oversight or intervention.

A rent tax proposal is not only unnecessary, it’s also deeply flawed and unjust.

It is a form of discrimination that penalises property owners simply because of their race, and it would be a financial burden on hardworking Australians who have already paid taxes to support their communities.

One Nation believes this proposal is a distraction from the real issues facing Indigenous communities, such as poverty, unemployment, and crime.

Instead of proposing a controversial and divisive race-based rent tax, One Nation calls for Australians to unite as one country and reject the left’s pro-apartheid madness.

This scheme is the worst type of discrimination, and it is not a solution to the problem of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

In conclusion, One Nation strongly opposes the proposed "Pay the Rent" model and calls for a renewed commitment to addressing the real issues facing Indigenous communities through effective and unifying government policies.






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