South Australians Sold a Lie

Ms Game argued that we had been sold a lie. Certain businesses – frequently foreign-owned corporations – are raking in millions, while the average South Australian suffers from the rising cost of this vital utility.

On 16 November 2022, the Hon Sarah Game MLC asked fellow Parliamentarians to acknowledge the following:

  1. Green renewables are unreliable and inconsistent;
  2. Green renewables are expensive;
  3. Green renewables take up too much space;
  4. Green renewables increase landfill and recycling;
  5. Green renewables cause harm to wildlife;
  6. Green renewable technologies, such as green hydrogen, is a series of ever-changing guesswork; and

The green renewable industry serves to support particular business interests whilst leaving everyday South Australians behind.

We were promised that renewables were cheap – free energy from the sky. This is untrue. They are incredibly expensive and inefficient, borne out by a 56% increase in energy costs over the next 18 months.

Honest communications of environmental damage have yet to be forthcoming, hidden by promises that renewables are environmentally friendly. Yet they continue to cause vast masses of land to be cleared and the mining of various toxic materials. Significant copper, lithium and cobalt deposits must be sourced to meet the insatiable demand for wind and solar farms.

We were told batteries would bring us the reliable, baseload power our industry and society need to operate around the clock. Yet they cannot. We would need 80 additional big batteries, like the one near Jamestown, to power our state for only half a day.

We were told we would all benefit from the rise of renewables, yet we know there is a considerable discrepancy.

Ms Game was firm in her refusal to sit back and watch this occur without speaking to the concerns of her constituents. She says we must dispense with the idea that our poorest residents should be slugged with higher energy costs just so our political elite can bask in their moral superiority.

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