Say No To The South Australian 'Voice'

In the form of the First Nations Voice Bill 2022 (‘Voice’), the South Australian Government plans to introduce legislation based on race that will divide South Australians.

Using virtue signalling lip service, the ‘Voice’ plays on the compassion of South Australians, who want to do the right thing by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, yet it effectively achieves nothing.

One Nation wants real tangible benefits for all disadvantaged Australians. Nothing in the ‘Voice’ will end abysmal student attendance rates, alcohol-fuelled violence, poverty, over-representation in detention centres, rife parental alienation at the hands of public servants, sexual assault, addiction, mental health, shorter life expectancy, and failure of service delivery in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This initiative by the South Australian Government intends to lead the way for the national 'Voice' to Parliament. Thanks to judicial and Māori activism in New Zealand, what began as a modest constitutional advisory body has instead evolved to effectively become a binding quasi-judicial body shown to be unfair, undemocratic, and politically and racially divisive.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have never had a stronger voice in the federal parliament. There are currently 11 Members of Parliament with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage, representing 4.85% of all seats. Given that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make up 3.8% of the Australian population, this suggests that progress is being made and there is no shortage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation at our highest level of government.

South Australian Government spending millions on the ‘Voice’ does a disservice to other multi-generational disadvantaged Australians, not captured by the ‘Voice’, but still suffering the same poverty, risk of homelessness, and all the other real issues listed above.

Unless you are 100% convinced, you must vote no. Overseas examples suggest it will be impossible to repeal, defund or effectively reform if it proves ineffective or acts contrary to what was intended.

One Nation wants all Australians to be empowered to seize the many opportunities which come with living, learning, and working in Australia. All Australians. Equally.

1967 saw Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples included in our Constitution as equals. The Federal Voice to Parliament takes away that equality. We will be going backwards. We will forever divide the Australian people based on race. We must oppose this initiative.

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