Rebuilding our Regions


Regional Queensland is a primary industries powerhouse. Our world-class agriculture, fishing, and forestry sectors contribute a combined value of more than $27 billion per year to the state’s economy, and directly employ about 75,000 people.

One Nation Queensland is deeply committed to the growth and prosperity of regional communities, and supporting the primary industries that are critical to their economies. We support the right to farm and the right to fish. We are strongly opposed to government policies that harm our farmers, fishers and forestry workers.

Successive state governments have made it harder for our primary producers to do what they do best: grow some of the best food and fibre in the world. Overly excessive and prohibitive regulation, changes to industrial relations law, water reform in the Murray Darling Basin, delays and deficits in regional road and infrastructure maintenance and development, record high energy and fuel costs, energy shortages, cultural heritage laws, locking up fishing areas on environmental grounds, destroying prime agricultural land to install wind farms – these issues and more constitute Labor-Green attacks which directly threaten primary production and regional communities in Queensland.


Water access

Access to fresh water is critical for agriculture. One Nation will ensure fair and equitable access to fresh water for all farmers by:

  • supporting critical Queensland water projects like the $5.4 billion Hell’s Gate Dam;
  • supporting the reduction of the Northern Basin water recovery target under the Murray Darling Basin Plan to 320 gigalitres per year;
  • opposing foreign ownership and trading of water entitlements; and
  • supporting the implementation of transparent and accountable water allocation systems that balance the needs of producers with long-term resource viability.

Responsible land stewardship

One Nation understands that farmers are the best stewards of the land because it’s in the best interests of their family and their business. We trust our farmers to care for land in Queensland, and will support them in this effort by:

  • supporting research, development and adoption of agricultural systems which improve productivity and water efficiency by enhancing soil conservation and biodiversity; and
  • working to reduce red and green tape, ensuring that farmers have the final say on how their land is managed and developed.

Harmonious fishing communities

Balancing the needs of commercial and recreational fishers is critical to fostering harmonious and prosperous fishing communities. Sustainable fish stocks for both sectors are absolutely crucial in this space. One Nation will foster harmonious fishing communities by:

  • supporting a cooperative approach between the commercial and recreational fishing communities through evidence-based resource sharing and allocation;
  • supporting targeted fisheries and marine research and development and fair quota allocations to enhance the long-term sustainability of fish stocks; and
  • working to ensure protection of Australia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) from raids by foreign fishing vessels.

Thriving regional communities

One Nation strongly believes in governing for all Queenslanders, not just the South East and Brisbane. Regional communities must be recognised and fairly treated according to their contribution to Queensland’s economy. All Queenslanders should have access to essential services, education, and employment opportunities, regardless of where they live and work. One Nation will create thriving regional communities by:

  • supporting investment in regional road and infrastructure projects (including telecommunications) that create jobs, enhance productivity and improve the efficiency of supply chains;
  • supporting investment in community infrastructure and projects like hospitals, schools and sport facilities;
  • supporting innovation and diversification in key sectors of regional economies like tourism and primary industries to refresh visitor offerings and enhance industry resilience;
  • supporting evidence-based initiatives that will attract and retain health and education workers;
  • supporting targeted drought and natural disaster relief to assist farmers in challenging times, and investing in water security infrastructure like dams;
  • promoting sustainable and practical natural resource management practices that do not interfere with best practice primary production and which facilitate economic growth;
  • supporting the swift removal of dangerous animals such as crocodiles from human communities, and promoting evidence-based measures to reduce the impact of exotic feral animals and pests on the natural environment and primary production.

One Nation will announce further information and associated policies relating to Queensland over the course of the election period.

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