Promoting Unity and Empowerment: One Nation Takes a Stand Against Crime in Rockhampton


In a recent crime forum held in Rockhampton, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Torin O'Brien, an influential figure in his community patrol movement, joined forces to address the concerns of Rockhampton residents.


The forum provided a platform for open dialogue and discussion about the region's pressing issue of youth crime. By shedding light on the challenges faced by the community, Senator Roberts and Mr O'Brien aimed to inspire positive change and rally support for practical solutions. Let's explore the key highlights from this event and the empowering message delivered by the speakers.

Bringing Political Pressure and Encouraging Change:

Senator Malcolm Roberts emphasised the importance of exerting political pressure on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to address Rockhampton's escalating youth crime rates. By quoting the Premier's statement, "No one is going to stop youth crime," Senator Roberts challenged the notion that youth crime is an unsolvable problem. Drawing inspiration from success stories in other countries, he highlighted the role of community engagement and personal commitment in combating this issue. Torin O'Brien, who has personally made a difference in his community, was hailed as an example of how individuals can play a significant role in curbing youth crime.

Evidence-Based Laws and Accountability:

During his speech, Senator Roberts presented data and graphs showcasing crime rates and categories in Queensland, emphasising the need for fact-based and data-driven legislation. He stressed the importance of holding offenders accountable for their actions, advocating for appropriate punishments rather than leniency. The aim was to support law enforcement agencies by providing them with the necessary tools to combat crime effectively. Recognising the demoralising effect on the police force when offenders are released without consequences, Senator Roberts called for a comprehensive approach to address the underlying issues contributing to youth crime.

Inclusive Community Engagement:

One Nation Member for Mirani, Stephen Andrew, also addressed the audience, sharing insights from his conversations with rural constituents who face challenges due to limited police presence. The crime forum aimed to create a united front against crime by involving different community members and encouraging their active participation. The emphasis was on fostering a sense of responsibility and empowering individuals to take action to protect their community.

Torin O'Brien's Journey:

Torin O'Brien, known for his social media presence and community rally organization, shared his personal story at the crime forum. Growing up in a challenging environment, O'Brien faced numerous hardships. However, he refused to let his circumstances define him and took responsibility for his actions. Through his journey, O'Brien proved that individuals could overcome adversity and break free from the cycle of crime with determination and resilience.


The Rockhampton crime forum, hosted by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Torin O'Brien, catalyzed positive change in the community. By addressing residents' concerns and promoting a united front against crime, the speakers demonstrated their commitment to fostering a safe and prosperous Rockhampton. Through evidence-based laws, accountability, and inclusive community engagement, they offered a path forward to address youth crime effectively. By highlighting individual stories of personal transformation and resilience, the forum aimed to inspire hope and empower the community to unite and create a brighter future for Rockhampton.



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