PRESS RELEASE – Mark Bone for Ipswich West

Small business focus for One Nation candidate for Ipswich West 

Successful small business operator Mark Bone will contest the Ipswich West by-election for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. 

Mr Bone, founder of the uniquely Australian ‘Rent-A-Ute’ franchise, said small business was under attack by Labor and desperately needed support in Queensland.

“I’m not sure any small business will be able to risk employing the casuals they have always relied on thanks to Labor’s industrial relations laws,” he said. “A storm is about to hit small business in Queensland and Australia when the sector is already struggling with high compliance costs, record energy bills, rising operating costs, reduced revenue thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, worker shortages and out-of-control crime. 

“I’m running for One Nation because our party understands that small business is the backbone of our economy, employing more than 40% of Queensland workers. We also understand how critical small business is to thriving regional communities.” 

Mr Bone, 67, made his home in Queensland as a young man and has raised a big family in the Sunshine State. In addition to creating the successful nationwide ‘Rent-A-Ute’ franchise, he’s operated a business in the finance sector and now runs a marketing business for builders of homes under the NDIS. 

“I decided to put my hand up for One Nation in Ipswich West because I’ve had it with the incompetence of the major parties,” he said. “I think Queensland’s gone backwards under Labor, and I don’t have confidence the LNP can do any better. It’s time for real change in Queensland. It’s time for the state government to put the interests of Queenslanders first. With the balance of power, One Nation will make sure it does. 

“Cracking down on out-of-control crime, pulling the policy levers necessary to address the cost-of-living crisis, fixing our overwhelmed public health system and making housing more affordable have to be the priorities for the Queensland government rather than divisive and dangerous ideological pursuits like the path to treaty legislation. One Nation has effective policies for these priorities, all aimed at helping Queenslanders to be safer, more secure and more prosperous. With the balance of power we’ll also repeal the path to treaty. 

“And unlike the former Labor MP for Ipswich West, with the support of the community I’m committed to serving a full term. I’m committed to putting my community first, and serving them faithfully.” 


MEDIA CONTACT: Mark Bone 0499 607 751 

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