Pauline Lays Down The Law To LNP

Senator Pauline Hanson has penned a scathing letter to Opposition leader David Crisafulli demanding he reveal whether the LNP will preference One Nation in the upcoming election.

One Nation in February declared they would preference the LNP second and Labor last, with Ms Hanson now ramping up the pressure on her conservative counterparts to back the minor party in a bid to oust Labor.

But the partnership is not without contingencies, with Ms Hanson declaring One Nation would not support the adoption of Labor's 2024-25 budget, the path to treaty, voice to parliament or 75 per cent emissions reduction targets.

In her letter dated June 20, Ms Hanson tell's Mr Crisafulli that his performance has “underwhelmed” her at time but that her conservative party members will give him strength to make the right decisions for Queensland.

“Queenslanders are relying on conservative parties like One Nation and the Liberal National Party to oust this toxic Labor government at the state election on October 26,” she said.

Ms Hanson then demanded the LNP commit to preferencing One Nation second.

“On the subject of preferences, I have made it abundantly clear to all of my state candidates that One Nation will put Labor and the Greens last on our how-to-vote cards,” she said. “I am seeking confirmation from you as leader of the LNP that you will do the same. I don't want you to play cute with me - I expect a straight answer.”

Ms Hanson threatens that anything less than a preference deal between the LNP and One Nation would be a “betrayal of conservative voters”.

LNP state director Ben Riley dismissed the demands but did not directly oppose the idea of referencing One Nation, saying preferencing would only be revealed once all election candidates were announced.

“We won't be discussing the order of voting cards until we see all candidates who are running in the October election,” he said.

Mr Riley also said, if elected, the LNP would abolish mandatory preferential voting in Queensland - a system which requires voters to number every box on the ballot paper.

“The LNP has committed to restoring optional preferential voting to allow Queenslanders to vote for who they want and only who they want,” he said.

The LNP have previously accused Labor of benefiting off compulsory preferential voting through deals with the Greens.

"I don't want you to play cute with me - I expect a straight answer

Senator Pauline Hanson

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