None Dare Call it Treason

Last month, while most people were distracted by rising inflation, food shortages, and events in the Ukraine, the latest round of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) hearings on the Pandemic Treaty took place in Geneva.

The next round of talks is due to start in mid-June, with a working draft to be ready for 'internal negotiations' by 1 August 2022.

The Treaty is expected to be ratified by 194 countries and become fully binding under international law by no later than May 2024.


To date, only ONE country has lodged a 'rejection letter' with the WHO, and that’s Russia.

Any government that signs this Treaty, will have effectively signed away their country’s sovereignty, without the full knowledge or informed consent of its people.

The Treaty hands the WHO supranational powers, including the right to decide what a pandemic is, declare a state of emergency on a nation’s behalf, and determine what measures should be taken in responding to it.

Bear in mind that, according to 'experts', a 'pandemic' can have any number of meanings nowadays. According to them, there can be pandemics of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and even poverty.

Draft clauses grant the WHO a vast array of compliance powers, including harsh financial sanctions, enforced by the United Nations (UN) and a newly created body housed within the World Bank called the Global Health Security Financial Intermediary Fund.

The drafters will also be mandating huge increases in 'COMPULSORY' financing of the WHO, which member states can raise by imposing new public health taxes on their citizens.

Other clauses allow the WHO to put a country under a 'state of emergency' PREVENTATIVELY, for which the dreaded 'precautionary principle' is being trotted out. Like 'pre-crime' for pandemics.

It will mean an emergency can be declared, and lockdowns imposed, in countries where not a single case has been identified.

The Treaty puts unparalleled powers into the hands of a few unelected foreign bureaucrats, allowing them to make 'unaccountable' decisions that override the decisions of a country’s national, state, and local governments.

Here’s what that looks like: Say our parliament passed a law banning mandatory vaccination, this Treaty gives WHO technocrats the power to overrule the law and force the jab on Australians anyway.

All of which makes the passing of Australia’s Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill in 2020, even more reprehensible.

In passing such laws, Parliament placed Australians in enormous danger.

A danger that could one day put heavily armed men outside their front doors during a WHO imposed 'state of emergency'. Men who don’t answer to the Australian people OR their Parliament.


Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani

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