Looking After Our Environment


One Nation Queensland is dedicated to looking after our natural environment for the benefit of local communities, the tourism industry, and future generations.

Our environment is always at risk from the impacts of natural events and human activity. One Nation seeks to use best practice measures to protect and enhance Queensland’s natural environment, utilising the knowledge and experience of those who are best placed to look after it. We know farmers understand their land better than anyone, and we know indigenous communities in Queensland have unique cultural knowledge of managing the landscape gained over thousands of years.


Natural disaster mitigation

Queensland is no stranger to devastating events like bushfires and cyclones that damage huge areas of the environment. One Nation will work to better prepare Queensland for these events by:

  • prioritising disaster preparedness and responses, particularly by reintroducing fire-breaks and back-burning to reduce bushfire risks;
  • greater investment in early warning systems, floodplain management and bushfire prevention; and
  • supporting targeted research and development in disaster-resistant infrastructure.

Conservation and biodiversity

Biodiversity is a key measure of environmental health and also provides significant agronomic benefits in agricultural production. Queensland’s flora and fauna are unique and must be protected through effective conservation measures. One Nation will promote conservation and biodiversity by:

  • promoting responsible land and water management by industry, and funding targeted conservation programs;
  • promoting responsible use of natural resources – especially water – balancing economic interests while prioritising prosperous regional communities;
  • encouraging and funding habitat and landscape restoration where there is an economic return, and mandating this through environmental rehabilitation bonds on energy projects; and
  • protecting iconic native flora like koalas from the expansion of wind and solar farms.

Enhancing amenity for locals and visitors

Queensland is a beautiful place to live or visit, with a unique natural environment creating a strong appeal. One Nation will enhance the enjoyment of our environment by local communities and visitors by:

  • maintaining and improving natural spaces;
  • investing in recreational infrastructure such as parks, walking trails and scenic lookouts to facilitate enjoyment of the natural environment;
  • supporting tourism initiatives which promote sustainable practices and conservation; and
  • improving public and visitor access to national parks in Queensland.

Water quality and management

Water is life, so it’s important we work to ensure Queensland’s natural waterways are clean and healthy in the environmental conservation effort. One Nation will ensure our waterways are sustainable and healthy by:

  • managing any industrial discharges or agricultural run-off with education, incentives and appropriate regulations and laws;
  • investing in water treatment facilities and water quality monitoring;
  • promoting responsible water use in rural and urban areas; and
  • ensuring the highest quality objective science is used to assess the impact of coastal water discharge on the Great Barrier Reef.

Air quality

Whether it’s in the bush or in the heart of residential or industrial areas, clean air is critical for human health and environmental sustainability. One Nation will implement measures to improve air quality such as:

  • local tree planting programs and other community-led initiatives;
  • investing in more monitoring of air quality; and
  • developing public awareness of the importance of air quality for human and environmental health.

Marine conservation

Over 13,000km long, with more than 1700 beaches, almost 2000 islands, and the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland’s coastal area and marine environment present a major conservation challenge. One Nation will protect our marine environment by:

  • encouraging sustainable, low-impact commercial and recreational fishing;
  • better monitoring and policing of territorial waters to prevent raids on Queensland fisheries by foreign vessels;
  • ensuring the highest quality objective science is used to assess the impact of coastal water discharge on the Great Barrier Reef;
  • promoting the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the measures employed to keep it that way;
  • investing in marine conservation research and development.

‘Net zero’

One Nation does not subscribe to the impractical pursuit of ‘net zero’ carbon dioxide emissions from Australia by 2050, particularly through the destruction of our natural environment and prime agricultural land from installation of wind and solar farms.

In line with other countries winding back their emissions reduction targets in the face of reality, One Nation will advocate for the removal of Australia’s net zero by 2050 policy and promote an independent energy policy that leverages Australia’s natural energy resources for reliable and affordable power.

One Nation will announce further information and associated policies relating to Queensland over the course of the election period.


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