One Nation’s kicks-off campaign for Callide

The federal election has come and gone but One Nation's fight to ensure the forgotten people of Australia have a voice in our nation’s parliaments continues in Queensland at the Callide by-election.

Representing One Nation in Callide is Sharon Lohse, a Chinchilla grazier and rural communities advocate who’ll be taking the majors head on over their policy failures.

“Agriculture and mining are essential economic drivers and job providers in Callide but they’re under threat from policymakers in Brisbane and Canberra held hostage by climate change ideology and activism,” Ms Lohse said.

“Communities and businesses and Callide need a representative who will fight to protect these industries."

“One Nation believes in the right to farm and protecting prime agricultural land from mining and other development. As a past board member of Property Rights Australia I’ve been fighting for farmers’ property rights for many years while the major parties have ignored the contamination, intimidation and broken agreements inflicted on landholders in coal-seam gas areas.

“One Nation supports coal mining and coal-fired power as an affordable and reliable source of energy. We recognise the importance of coal jobs to Callide and regional Queensland. We see great harm to Callide in the relentless march to net-zero emissions. One Nation wants Australia to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and forge its own independent energy policy.”

Ms Lohse, who has also worked in the banking and public health sectors, is passionate about rural communities having a strong voice in government.

“Communities in Callide struggle with poor transport and telecommunications infrastructure, a lack of affordable housing and poor access to health services,” she said. “I’ll be backing One Nation’s policies to boost the numbers of doctors, nurses and other health professionals in regional areas like Callide, and I’ll be demanding more resources for infrastructure and services in our local communities from the Queensland government.

“I’ll also be backing Pauline Hanson’s call for a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, and working to ensure Queensland fully cooperates with such an inquiry. One Nation will always fight for our individual rights and freedoms, and to protect the principles of Australian democracy.

“After years of advocacy, I’ve given up on the major parties understanding or addressing the issues of regional Queensland. We’re not going to see different results for communities in Callide unless we have different representation. That’s what I’m offering by standing for One Nation – a strong voice for regional and rural communities in the Callide electorate.”

With two weeks of pre-polling starting Monday 6 June, and 31 polling booths right across the electorate, she needs your support to do this!

Polling booths are in four centres: Gayndah, Biloela, Chinchilla, and Gin Gin.
If you can give any time over the pre-poll time or on election day please let us know, by reply email, where and what time/s.

Together we can do this and give Callide a strong voice!

Email Sharon: [email protected]

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