One Nation To Provide Boost To Central Queensland

Escalating crime, the cost of living, the housing crisis and regional communities will be the focus for One Nation in Queensland as they prepare to announce candidates for the Central Queensland seats of Gladstone, Gregory and Rockhampton.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said her party would be a force to be reckoned with at the October election.

One Nation candidates will be contesting every seat at the state election with a comprehensive set of policies focusing on the issues which matter the most to Queenslanders,” Senator Hanson said.

“The first responsibility of any government is the safety of the community, but the Miles-Palaszczuk Labor government has failed the Queensland community.

“Residents across the state are living in fear.

“Many do not even feel safe in their own homes, and that's no way to live.”

A spokesperson for Senator Hanson's office said the rollout of candidates for central and western Queensland would be staggered over the coming weeks.

“Certainly, those ones in this area will be ones that come sooner rather than later,” the spokesperson said.

“The candidates will be focusing on overarching issues, but they will also have a strong focus on the local issues, particularly up in Central Queensland where it's about making sure that these regional areas so far from Brisbane, that they get that government support and attention that is commensurate with their contribution to the Queensland economy.

“Regional Queensland just seems to miss out on that infrastructure and services, so that will be a big focus for One Nation going into the election.”

Senator Hanson said One Nation would campaign for tougher penalties that put community safety first, for integrating proven redirection programs for at-risk youth in the justice system, and for more support and resources for Queensland police.

“The cost of living is also top of mind for many Queenslanders today, and One Nation will campaign for effective measures that relieve families struggling with rising inflation.

“We'll begin by eliminating stamp duty on insurance premiums, which are going up thanks to increased property theft and damage across the state.

“High energy bills driven by the major parties' net-zero emissions policies are one of the biggest components of inflation in Australia.

One Nation outright opposes the impractical pursuit of net-zero.

“Securing accommodation - let alone actually buying your own home - is getting increasingly out of reach for many Queenslanders. Homelessness in our state has risen 22 per cent in the past five years. We're advocating effective policies that will improve housing supply, reduce demand and improve affordability.”

Senator Hanson said One Nation was also aiming to bring regional, rural and remote issues back to the center of decision-making in Queensland.

“Our regions have been sadly neglected by this Labor government. We want to make sure our regional communities have a loud voice in the corridors of power,” she said.

“We'll begin with strong policies supporting agriculture, fisheries and forestry - these primary industries contribute more than $27 billion to Queensland and directly employ more than 75,000 people.”

One Nation has already announced James Ashby as the candidate for Keppel, held by Labor's Brittany Lauga.

One Nation's Senator Pauline Hanson says she will stand candidates in every Queensland seat to contest the State Government election in October.

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