One Nation to lead NO case on voice

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will spearhead the campaign for the ‘no’ vote in the coming referendum on an indigenous ‘voice to Parliament’.

Senator Pauline Hanson said the ‘voice’ would be a step backwards for the Constitution and risked forever dividing the Australian people on race.

“There is nothing in this proposal which addresses real indigenous disadvantage,” Senator Hanson said. “There is nothing in this proposal that will end the violence, poverty and failure of service delivery in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. There is nothing in this proposal that is remotely unifying.

“I’m confident all of us want indigenous people to be empowered to seize the many opportunities which come with living, learning and working in Australia. I’m equally confident many Australians will resist giving a minority of people more political power than the majority based on race.

“That sort of thing was known as apartheid in South Africa, and it was rightly consigned to the dustbin of history. How can we possibly be contemplating this in Australia?”
Senator Hanson said One Nation had already registered 46 website domain names in preparation for what would be a comprehensive and urgent campaign to convince Australians to reject racism and separatism by voting ‘no’ to the proposed ‘voice to Parliament.

“The ‘yes’ campaign is ill-defined and ill-prepared, not even having the foresight to register the domain names we will use to good effect,” she said.
“We also have no idea how much this entire exercise will cost the Australian taxpayer, but a single-question referendum alone will almost certainly cost in excess of $120 million.

“This also begs the question: will the Albanese government guarantee equal funding for both campaigns? It’s the only fair approach, however One Nation will not wait for the Prime Minister’s excuses and will run a strong campaign against this racist, divisive proposal that will set back reconciliation and our entire country by decades.”

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