One Nation's Sarah Game MLC Calls On SA Government To Drop Jab Mandates

Sarah Game MLC has written to S.A Health Minister Chris Picton, here's Ms Game's media release.


The Hon Sarah Game MLC

Parliament of South Australia


Dear Minister,

I write on behalf of constituents who have approached me with concerns over ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandates in their workplaces.

Other state and territories have moved to revoke COVID-19 vaccination mandates, most recently in Queensland, where i understand that allied health practitioners are no longer covered by blanket mandatory vaccination policies.

While details differ in each jurisdiction, I understand that mandatory vaccinations are also no longer required in health sectors in NSW, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory.

As premier Malinauskas has stated on more than one occasion, national consistency is an important factor when it comes to managing the coronavirus pandemic.

On behalf of the constituents who have approached me, I request your assistance in reviewing mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policies, with a view to removing them as soon as possible.


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