One Nation makes history with first member of SA parliament

Another state has fallen to the growing support across Australia for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, with veterinarian Sarah Game today confirmed as the party’s first elected member of the Parliament of South Australia.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson today welcomed Ms Game’s election to the Legislative Council, saying she would be a great representative for the people of South Australia.

"It’s another sign of One Nation’s increasing support across the country that we now have an elected member in South Australia who shares the balance of power in the upper house," Senator Hanson said.

"I thank the people of South Australia who supported One Nation at the state election, our local team who ran a great campaign, and the volunteers who helped make it all happen. We hope to build on this result in South Australia at the Federal election – we’re contesting every lower house seat as well as the Senate.

"Sarah will be an excellent representative of the South Australian people. She’s been dedicated to contributing to her community all her life and she’ll be a strong advocate for the most vulnerable people in the community. She’s keen to improve education outcomes, which are very much needed in South Australia, and she’ll make sure she represents regional communities as well as Adelaide.

"Sarah joins a national team that now has elected representatives in four parliaments – South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Federal parliament – and will be a powerful voice for people ignored by the major parties.

"One Nation recently marked its 25th anniversary. We’ve been part of the Australian political landscape for a whole generation. We represent a genuine alternative to politics-as-usual by the major parties, because only One Nation puts Australia and Australians first."



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