On the agenda: Parental Alienating Behaviours are a form of child abuse

The Hon Sarah Game MLC introduced a motion to the SA parliament on Wednesday 7th September 2022 to see Parental Alienating Behaviours recognised as a form of child abuse and family violence.

Ms Game states “Mild, moderate and severe parental alienating behaviours are a form of child abuse and family violence. It can be insidious, pervasive and cause horrific mental health outcomes for those involved.”

A key directive of One Nation is to give those without a voice representation. This is an issue affecting thousands of families which continues to be ignored by the major parties. Ms Game is dedicated to ensuring that their voices are finally heard; her office has received feedback nationally from desperate families.

Ms Game will be asking the Malinauskas Government to approach the South Australian Law Reform Institute to investigate in the first instance, as there is currently no legislation on this subject.

However, if the government are not proactive about this, One Nation will be pushing for a Commission of Inquiry into parental alienating behaviours. “I am putting this on the agenda. I am going to be a voice for these families until we see legislative amendments and procedural change in our courts” said Ms Game.

This issue is a confluence of two of Ms Game’s key priorities: child protection and the mental health and wellbeing of South Australians. “I am dedicated to ensuring that parental alienating behaviours become legitimised as abuse in legislation and regulations.”

One Nation extends thanks to the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation for first bringing this matter to Ms Game’s attention. 


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