Morrison-Joyce Government Speak with Forked Tongues Over Coal

As the cost of living pinches Australian households, the Morrison-Joyce government favours foolish net-zero targets, rather than investing in a new power station for Australia’s energy affordability and security.

Shine Energy’s coal-fired Collinsville power station in North Queensland is a community-led project dedicated to providing affordable energy using Australia’s clean coal reserves and can be a vital part of Australia’s national energy and industry security.


Senator Roberts said, “An election campaign brings out the duplicitous politicking from our politicians when they choose their words of support so carefully that the back door is always open for reneging.

“Barnaby Joyce’s lame private statements of support for the business case of Collinsville power station is no green light for the power station to go ahead.”

The Morrison-Joyce government and Labor share and continue a deceitful and dishonest stance on coal.

Senator Roberts added, “When spruiking to city voters, it’s all about net-zero and “dirty” coal, then they clean up their act in the regional areas and spruik clean coal, jobs, and energy security.

“Australian voters have listened to these politicians speak with forked tongues over coal for years now, while they continue to pander to globalist agendas and put our national energy security and people’s jobs and livelihoods at risk.”

One Nation alone provides voters with a consistent and strong message about the value of Australia’s coal-fired and technologically advanced power stations for energy security, jobs, and reducing our cost of living.

One Nation is the only party for energy security. One Nation is the only party for energy affordability.

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