Matt Keane's Hypocrisy Exposed

Green Matt Kean wants to silence Liberal Candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves for using what he sees as unacceptable language. As a NSW state MP Kean has no role to play in the Federal Election yet he is going out of his way to silence her. 

The truth is Matt Kean does not care about the fact Katherine Deves is articulating an issue that has a lot of parents in the suburbs worried. He only cares about Liberal Party factional warfare on Sydney’s North Shore.

It seems however Kean has a short memory. Based on his own standards if we were to review the text messages he sent back in the day to one of his female Liberal Party State Parliamentary colleagues he would have to resign.

The truth is Matt Kean is nothing more than a Green Liberal factional hack and a hypocrite of the grandest scale.



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