Massive win for ratepayers

We were always certain common sense would prevail in the fight against an Adelaide Council’s decision to use $40,000 of ratepayers' money on promoting a ‘Yes’ vote for the upcoming referendum. The decision was recently overturned at a Mitcham Council meeting. One Nation reported on this waste of money last week. 

With strong One Nation advocacy and hard work, wasteful decisions like this can come to light and be stopped. Other councils have announced similar wasted money, including Sydney City Council which gifted the ‘Yes’ campaign plus office space rather than designating this area for addressing community issues like the cost-of-living crisis or Sydney’s homelessness issues.

Leading the opposition to council waste is Senator Pauline Hanson, and a courageous South Australian councillor from Victor Harbor, Cr Carlos Quaremba (who is also a One Nation member). Cr Quaremba is leading the campaign against his own council, which is considering wasting taxpayer's money on a similar campaign.

Below is a 17/8/2023 article from ‘The Times’, a local paper from Victor Habor, which outlines the story and the progress of the issue.


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