Malcolm Roberts address to 2023 Climate and Energy forum

Senator Malcolm Roberts presented a pre-recorded address to the 2023 Climate and Energy forum, held on the 2nd of February with a fantastic line-up of speakers. This is a blog summarising the speech given by Senator Roberts.

In late 2007 I started holding climate alarmists accountable, alongside Viv Forbes. An enormous amount of work has been undertaken advocating for scientific integrity and the protection of everyday Australians against the unfounded claims of climate alarmists.

I have researched and written extensively on the topic, challenging those who advocate for the destruction of our economy and communities to provide empirical data and observations proving that carbon dioxide from human activity is causing harm and demanding it be cut.

Despite repeated attempts to debate with politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics, and activists, they have all run away from the conversation. That's why I made a submission to the government's Climate Change Bill last September, outlining my objections to the Climate Change scam and exposing its politically-driven, rather than scientifically-driven, origins.

In my submission, I provide evidence that the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, and other government entities have failed to provide a logical scientific argument proving that carbon dioxide from human activity is causing harm. I also address the history of climate change legislation, pointing out that it was introduced not based on science, but as a means of complying with the 1997 UN Kyoto Protocol.

Furthermore, I note that the Morrison government's Senate Leader, Matthias Cormann, admitted that Australia's climate change policies are not based on science but on international commitments and obligations to unelected foreign bureaucrats serving the interests of the world's predatory billionaires.

Everyone is invited to read my submission, which includes a detailed scientific rebuttal of the climate change theory and cites peer-reviewed scientific papers to support my argument/case.

In conclusion, I believe it is our duty to protect freedom, restore scientific integrity, protect our natural environment, secure our economic future, and rekindle our human spirit. In response to politically-driven, unscientific theories that only serve to strip away our wealth, freedom, and opportunities we must be strong, honest and scientific.

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