Locking up the commons - 'Police State' measures proposed for Victorian parks

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is proposing to roll out more draconian rules and penalties aimed at restricting people’s ability to use and enjoy more than 50 parks across the state.

Changes include hefty fines of $924 for anyone “walking off a park trail”, or swimming in a “non-designated” area. Those caught conducting “intrusive research” as part of a scientific study, will be hit with a whopping $1,472 fine. “Intrusive research”, incidentally, is defined as anything that “interferes with wildlife, soil, rocks, vegetation or visitors” – so basically anything.

There are also fines for anyone who parks on, removes, or defaces rocks, plants and/or trees in park or forest areas. The changes, still at the “consultation process” stage, are due to be rolled out before the election on November 26.

Victoria currently has 70,000 hectares of bushland under immediate threat of being locked away. There are proposals to lock away a further 1 MILLION Hectares of public land after that. Stock grazing, firewood collection, horse riding, trail bike riding, prospecting, dog walking and fishing are just some of the many activities banned in national parks.

This huge land grab by the Victorian government and the proposed new rules are being carried out under the guise of “protecting the ecology and bringing tourists to an area”.
Right. Because tourists love visiting parks where there are locked gates, 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras, heavy restrictions on use, stringent permit requirements, fees, limited camping opportunities and massive financial penalties for anyone who puts a foot wrong.

Not to mention rampant feral pest problems and a massive fire risk, all caused by increased fuel loads and hopeless city-based land management. Victoria’s rural towns, farmers, businesses, communities and families are the ones who will suffer the most from all this. But ultimately, we ALL suffer.

How many hectares of land, forests and parks need to be locked up before the Greens consider it enough? Five minutes spent reading the UN’s Agenda 2030 drivel tells the tale. All of it!

These fanatics have no intention of stopping until they have driven every last human off the land for good. Victorians need to fight this. Any rural, regional and agricultural bodies who won’t, must be replaced by ones who will.

Ones who are INDEPENDENT of government, its money, favours and – most of all - its blasted “roundtables”.


Written by: Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani

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