Lambie, Labor, Greens, Patrick and Griff Deny Australians their Voice

Senators Jacqui Lambie, Rex Patrick and Sterling Griff colluded with Labor and Green senators today to deny Australians their voice in the most critical debate facing this nation.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has slammed Opposition and crossbench senators for colluding to prevent her COVID-19 vaccine discrimination legislation from being referred to a parliamentary inquiry which would allow Australians to have their say about mandatory vaccination.

“Spear-headed by Penny Wong, these galahs went out of their way to deny Australians a voice and the opportunity to directly tell them and the government precisely what they think about vaccine mandates imposed by state and territory governments,” Senator Hanson said.

“These mandates are getting worse – state and territory governments are coming for the kids next, threatening mandatory vaccination on schoolchildren without their parents’ permission.

“I have to thank Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition for supporting the referral of my bill to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee for an inquiry.

“With their support, the legislation was going to be referred but these senators colluded to stop it. They’ve shown their true colours: they don’t care about Australians’ right to choose, and they’ve worked together to destroy the chance for Australians to express their opposition to mandatory vaccination.”

Senator Hanson warned she was far from finished protecting the right of Australians to make their own choices about their health, and urged people to contact their Federal representatives.

“I’m calling on Australians to put the pressure on their MPs and Senators, and demand this critical legislation be subject to a full and open parliamentary inquiry so they can have their say,” she said.

“A parliamentary inquiry will also allow doctors and other health practitioners – the experts – the opportunity to have their say about mandatory vaccination without fear of losing their registration or jobs.

“This isn’t just about COVID-19 vaccines. This is about something far more important: the fundamental democratic principle of individual rights. I will never stop fighting for the rights of the Australian people to make their own choices.”