Labor's Reckless Bet on the Future of the Australian Economy

Please look at this picture... Even Chris Bowen says this hydrogen plant is small.

In fact, it’s pitiful to think this is where Labor is betting on the future of the Australian economy. On this tin-pot thing.

Instead of backing commercially-proven technology to supply gas and electricity, Labor is promising to spend billions on splitting the Hydrogen out of water.

None of this is commercially proven.

Some experts say it can never be commercially viable.

All Bowen can offer in response is a cliched, pathetic hope that ‘from little things, big things grow’.

What would he know about technology and running a business?

His whole working life has been as a party and factional hack.

How easy it is to spend other people’s money (taxpayers) in such a reckless way.

Like the billions already spent on Carbon Capture and Storage, which has amounted to nothing in Australia.

As long as Labor worships blindly at the altar of climate change, it will waste your money hand over fist.

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