Labor Have No Bloody Idea How To Fix Energy Crisis

You just have to look at Labor's ridiculous plan to pour another 10 billion dollars into unreliable "renewable" energy to see that Anthony Albanese's government hasn't got any bloody idea what they are doing or how they can solve Australia's energy crisis.

The public have to realise we have only had higher electricity prices since we went down this "green" energy path to disaster.

Labor is closing reliable baseload power stations and refusing to replace them with new ones be it coal, gas or nuclear.

Until we get common sense and realise that spending billions more on solar panels and windmills won't cut it and that we have to have a true diversity of power to deliver the needs of Australians, you will all continue to suffer serious power price pain.

We’re going to have blackouts, we’re going to have increased electricity costs, and you are going to have Labor to thank for it.


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