In Defence of Free Speech

The Greens are trying to silence me because I spoke out against their deputy leader, Mehreen Faruqi, for her disgusting attack on Queen Elizabeth II, made on the very day of her passing.


I’ll be blunt. The Greens are taking me to court because they want to bankrupt me and kick me out of parliament. But I won't let them.

If they can silence me, they’ll be coming for you next, I refuse to let that happen.

I believe in free speech and the right to stand up for what we believe in. That's why I am asking you to donate what you can to help me defend myself against their attacks. Every dollar counts.

Criticism is not racism.

Together, we can show these bullies that we won't be silenced. We will stand up for our beliefs and fight for our democracy. Please consider donating today to help me continue to fight for you.

Thank you for your support.


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