Impact of Labor/LNP Net-Zero Targets on Mary Valley Communities

Senator Pauline Hanson’s tour of Gympie continues. Residents of the Mary Valley in Queensland are facing significant challenges due to the net-zero targets set by Labor and the LNP. Recently, locals gathered with Senator Hanson to discuss the potential damage and suffering their communities might endure as a result of these policies.

The state and federal Labor governments are funding another costly and inefficient pumped hydro project to meet these targets. Unfortunately, the expanded water from the dam is not designated for irrigation or drinking purposes. Instead, it will serve as a massive, inefficient, and costly water battery that consumes more energy than it generates, much like all pumped hydro systems.

The situation is exacerbated by the need to connect the dam pumps to extensive wind and solar projects. These projects will require the installation of intrusive, ugly and harmful power lines through prime agricultural farmland and forests, infringing on Queenslanders' land rights and devastating natural habitats.

This scenario is just one of many energy projects being imposed on Queenslanders by the Labor/LNP net-zero energy agenda. Unless Queenslanders become more vigilant and demand that their governments reconsider these plans, more communities, lands, and livelihoods could be at risk of destruction.

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