Hello from Perth!

It's been a few years but the borders have been opened and it's great to be back in such a beautiful part of Australia.

The message that I'm getting here in Western Australia is the same as I'm hearing everywhere else in Australia. Voters are sick of Scott Morrison. They are sick of his smug attitude and they are sick of him smirking at them.

But voters are unimpressed with Albo, they are terrified of a Labor/Greens power deal, and they know Albanese doesn't have what it takes to be a true leader.

That is why I'm so proud to tell people they can vote for One Nation in 149 seats across Australia and in the Senate. One Nation has a proven record and the policies to protect you from out-of-touch Liberals or a Labor/Green nightmare.

Please send a message to the majors that their leaders and their policies have failed and do it by voting One Nation.


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