Hard Working One Nation MPs

This week, our One Nation parliamentarians have been working extremely hard for their constituents. It is always thrilling to see how much can be accomplished for Australians when hardworking members are elected.


The busiest of all are our New South Wales team, who are in the middle of an election campaign. Mark Latham is tackling many commonsense issues, including NSW education curriculum and the cost of living crisis. His colleague, Rod Roberts, is working throughout New South Wales and has spoken out about the poor state of many roads.

Stephen Andrew from Queensland has also been talking about road safety, while fellow Queenslander Malcolm Roberts has had an op-ed in the Spectator about the need for leaders to provide precise details about policy.

Our newly minted MLC from Victoria, Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell, has been setting up her office and getting One Nation priorities clearly announced, including the need for access to water for farmers.

Sarah Game continues to kick goals for her state with a credit on the front page of the Advertiser for her work in advocating better educational outcomes for South Australian children.

Our party founder, Pauline Hanson, has always strongly advocated hard work as the key for electoral success, and each of our parliamentary members certainly shine in that department.





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