GKI Petition Is Launched

FROM CQ TODAY: After launching a petition to object to the recent native title claim on Great Keppel Island (Woppa), One Nation candidate for Keppel James Ashby is calling on the State Government to publicly release the feedback the Premier claims was provided to the Federal Court on the application seeking exclusive Indigenous rights over the majority of Great Keppel Island (Woppa).

Mr Ashby called on the Premier to release the government's feedback, especially as the claim had been denied in 2021.

“The Federal Court Application for native title lodged just last month aims to secure native title over an additional 2249 acres of the island, including the 875 metre bitumen runway and old resort," Mr Ashby said.

“On Sunday, the Queensland Premier said: ‘I don't think it's fair to say we're challenging it - what we've provided to the court is the state's feedback and that's what we do in these processes'.”

Mr Ashby has questioned the credibility of Mr Miles comments, suggesting the government did not seek feedback from locals.

“I'd like to see the government's submission to the court - especially given Labor did not seek feedback from the Livingstone Shire Council, Capricorn Enterprise, island operators, locals or other companies which regularly service Great Keppel Island," he said.

“I have grave concerns over what Labor have presented to the court, especially given this is the same government who passed Path to Treaty legislation with the support of the LNP."

The Native Title application seeks the right to possession, occupation use and enjoyment of the area to the exclusion of all others.

But Mr Ashby argued the State Government should oppose the application in full, citing the Federal Court ruling in 2021 by Justice Rangiah.

"In a previous determination by the Federal Court, Native Title was denied over the leases held by Tower Holdings, and for good reason - it has pre-existing infrastructure that still has commercial value,” he said.

Mr Ashby has launched an online petition opposing the native title claim.

"If locals want to send their own feedback to the court and our parliament, they should sign the petition quick smart,” he said.

"We cannot allow an exclusive use claim to be approved to the detriment of every other Australian who loves visiting and having access to the whole of Great Keppel Island.”

The petition can be found at www.onenation.org.au/stop-native-titlc-claim-great-keppel.

One Nation candidate for Keppel James Ashby has begun a petition to object to the native title claim on GKI (Woppa).

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