Firearms Policy


One Nation strongly supports the right to own and use firearms lawfully and responsibly. We do not consider that owning a firearm, in itself, is wrong or criminal.

One Nation supports the right of Australians to participate in sports involving firearms, to use firearms for hunting or recreational shooting, to collect antique and historically significant firearms, and to use firearms in rural areas for pest and stock management.

The Queensland government is a signatory to the latest National Firearms Agreement (NFA). One Nation considers the NFA to be deeply flawed in that it places unnecessary and draconian restrictions on law-abiding people who legitimately own and use firearms. We consider that stakeholder and public consultation for the current NFA did not effectively include sports and recreational shooters.

One Nation seeks to end discrimination against legitimate firearms owners and users, ensure all stakeholders are fairly consulted in the development of firearms laws and regulations, and make existing laws fairer. We also seek to improve community safety by cracking down on illegal firearms use, with stronger penalties if firearms are used in committing crimes.



One Nation will seek to provide firearm owners with genuinely safe, state-sponsored mechanisms to voluntarily surrender firearms by:

  • legislating a firearms amnesty for any person who wishes to surrender a firearm, or register an unregistered firearm; and
  • examining and reviewing the benefits of a new voluntary firearms buy-back program, remunerating market value to remove unwanted and unregistered firearms out of the community.

Legislative and regulatory reform

Queensland laws and regulations around firearms appear to be designed to strongly discourage legitimate firearm ownership with heavy costs and excessive complexity. In real consultation with affected stakeholders and individuals, One Nation will seek to undertake a range of reforms by:

  • streamlining the firearms licence system;
  • standardising all firearms licences to 10 years before requiring renewal, including for Category H weapons;
  • supporting realistic interpretations of the ‘genuine reasons’ required to access Category C,D and H firearms; and
  • supporting the use of firearm noise-suppression devices under Category R for pest and stock management in rural settings, and for hunting and feral animal management, to protect against hearing loss for firearms users.

National Firearms Agreement (NFA) review

One Nation will seek to leverage its influence in state and federal parliaments to advocate a review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), primarily to promote uniform rules and regulations across Australian states and territories.

Combatting discrimination and promoting responsibility

Lawful ownership and use of firearms should not be subject to any form of state-sanctioned discrimination. One Nation will combat this discrimination and promote responsible firearm ownership by:

  • opposing the requirement for genuine antique or historically significant firearms to be registered as it provides no public safety benefit;
  • amending laws and regulations which allow firearms to be banned based on their appearance, which is unrelated to public safety; and
  • facilitating the participation of minors and juniors under 16 in supervised competition and recreational shooting.

Stronger penalties for unlawful firearm use

One Nation supports lawful and responsible firearm ownership and use, but also supports much stronger laws and penalties around unlawful firearm possession and use – especially in the commission of crimes. We will crack down on this by:

  • supporting legislation that increases penalties for crimes in which a firearm has been brandished or used; and
  • supporting stronger border controls and tougher penalties for illegal weapons trafficking.

One Nation will announce further information and associated policies relating to Queensland over the course of the election period.

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  • Peter Chatman
    commented 2024-02-28 13:42:52 +1000
    This is oh so True. “Queensland laws and regulations around firearms appear to be designed to strongly discourage legitimate firearm ownership with heavy costs and excessive complexity”. I simply want to take up clay Target Shooting for a HOBBY in my aging/retiring years. I have joined a club, undertaken my one full day Firearms Safety Course, passed and received my certificate. But on looking at the remainder of things I have to do to get a Firearms Licence and receive it, then wait another 3 months cooling off thing, then get a Licence to Purchase then time to receive it, then purchase the weapon and the overall cost and time involved in the processes, its just become to complex and hard. The time line is ridiculous, and it makes you feel like you are actually a criminal. As a youngster I was brought up on western properties with firearms. The Reality is that the laws target and make it tough for honest normal Australians. “Criminals still get their weapons, no problem”. Check out the amount of Knife based attacks, serious injury, and deaths occurring now-days.