Federal Budget to increase Interest Rates

At recent local elections in Queensland an interesting conversation was overheard between some voters standing in line to cast their ballot.

Labor approached with a how-to-vote card and asked a family man with his young kids if he would accept their pamphlet.

‘No, not until you lot (Labor) reduce mortgage rates,’ was his reply.

‘This is local government, we don’t control interest rates, plus federal Labor have produced the first surplus in years,’ was the technically correct yet arrogant reply from Labor’s volunteer.

The terse reply went something like, ‘You guys (Labor) just can’t control spending, and what I know is that an out-of-control Labor controlled Brisbane local government will spend big, adding to inflation and interest rates’.

The telling part was at the end of the conversation, when an elderly gentleman injected him-self into the conversation thus, ‘A surplus built on coal, which you lot and them (pointing to the Greens) want to shu- down’.

What Labor don’t get is Queensland, nor regional Australia. They just don’t get that Queensland is a mining state, where people, even folks in a Brisbane electorate 12KM from the CBD know that mining, agriculture, and a strong regional economy pays the inner city’s bills. Labor, at every turn, wants to shut down industries like coal and agriculture, to answer to an increasing tiny slither of people on the political fringe.  

What Labor also doesn’t get is that families who rely on mining to pay their bills, can’t afford a Labor government jacking up interest rates without there being an economic back-up plan. 

What Labor doesn’t get is that families know the reason their interest bills continue to soar is because of inflation driven by local, state and federal government spending, and rampant immigration.

Labor takes people for mugs, and never understands that people do understand how Labor’s policies are what is wrecking the economy. As evidenced by the conversation at the primary school booth in south-east Queensland.

Tonight’s Labor Budget will do nothing to reduce interest rates. Labor has, and always will, ‘bake-in’ spending and immigration that can never be pulled back. It’s all over. Labor can’t put the inflation genie back in the bottle without throttling the economy further.

Labor are well known for their economy recking policies, but never has a Labor government so quickly and so viciously tuned the lives of Australians into such misery as this current Labor Government.

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