Excuse me, no mining here while we bomb the reef

Anthony Albanese is no fan of mining, and his ministry’s hypocrisy in this space is nothing short of astounding. Mining and environmental protection are two critical issues that have been the subject of much debate in recent years. The mining industry is a significant contributor to the Australian economy, providing jobs and generating revenue.


There is often a trade-off between economic development and environmental protection, and it is up to governments to balance these competing interests. But how can the Prime Minister claim on the one hand he wants to protect the Great Barrier reef from mining (that is nowhere near the reef), while on the other hand allowing military training grounds to use the Reef for practice?

There is a heightened double standard of allowing the military to bomb islands, water, and land around a fragile region while opposing mining some distance away to ‘protect the reef’.

Both military and mining can exist in these areas responsibly, and local communities can benefit economically while protecting the environment. The Labor party is the only thing standing in the way of responsible mining.

The issue of mining and environmental protection is complex and requires careful consideration and balanced decision-making. Decision-making must be void of hypocrisy or double standards.


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