Event at St Michael's Belfield Catholic Church

On the evening of 21/03/2023, an incident occurred at a pre-election public meeting at St Michael's Belfield Catholic Church, where Mark Latham was invited to speak along with three other speakers. We want to clarify that this event was not organised by One Nation, despite attempts by the media to put a One Nation spin on the incident.

During the event, Mark Latham spoke on several topics related to religious freedom, parental rights, school education and protecting non-government schools from Alphabet Activism and lawfare. However, towards the end of the event, the police informed Mark and the attendees that there had been violence on the front street. In response to this, Mark thoroughly condemned the violence and urged everyone to disperse peacefully.

Despite the unfortunate incident outside, Mark was able to speak to a large and engaged meeting in the church hall. After the event, he played a role in ensuring that everyone dispersed peacefully and saw himself out without incident.

We would like to reiterate that this was not a One Nation event, it was organised independently of One Nation, Mark was an invitee. This was simply one of several meetings on religious and parental rights that have taken place this year.

In conclusion, we stand by Mark's response on Twitter. We condemn any form of violence and are committed to peaceful and respectful discourse on important issues that affect our society.

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