Empty Greens’ threats will not silence the Australian people

All kinds of things are said about me in the media and on the floor of Parliament, but if there’s one thing I’m well known for it’s that I speak my mind. No-one is ever in any doubt about what I’m thinking.

When I see politicians deliberately insult and run down the country and people they are elected to represent and serve, I am going to call it out.

The Australian Greens love running down this country and the people who built it. It’s in every speech, every press release, and every social media post they make. And for the most part, they just get away with it. They’re rarely held accountable for the toxic hatred they spew at the Australian people who pay them huge salaries to represent their interests in the seat of our democracy.

The Greens are the worst kind of hypocrites, and this is on full display on the rare occasions their appalling anti-Australian conduct is called out. They immediately play the victim card – usually on race or gender, or both – and claim they’re the ones being unfairly attacked.

In a nutshell, that’s all that really happened this week. After Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi called Queen Elizabeth II the head of a racist empire within only a few hours of her death, I told her to piss off back to Pakistan since she was so obviously unhappy with being in this particular part of that former ‘racist’ empire.

I didn’t say she was inferior because she came from Pakistan, or attribute stereotypical traits to her based on her skin colour. Criticism is not racism, but that’s the card Faruqi played. The Greens threatened to censure me in Parliament, haul me before the Australian Human Rights Commission, and complained Parliament wasn’t a ‘safe and and respectful’ workplace.

The Greens themselves don’t make Parliament a respectful workplace – quite the opposite, in fact. They have no respect for the institution of Parliament itself (they actually call it illegitimate), and the disgraceful behaviour of the entitled Lidia Thorpe is all anyone needs to know the Greens are anything but respectful. Their hypocrisy has been breathtaking.

Ultimately, the Greens’ censure motion this week came to nothing. Their threats are as empty as their heads, and as meaningless as their hateful rhetoric. It would be laughable if their outrageous policies were not so dangerous and destructive to our way of life.

In any case, their threats will not silence me. I will speak my mind. I will speak the truth. I have always fought for equality among Australians regardless of race or country of origin, which is something to which the Greens cannot ever lay claim. I will always speak on behalf of the Australian people the Greens so obviously loathe and despise.

I will always express my pride and love for this country and its accomplishments. I’m very grateful for the many thousands of Australians who have supported me in this. We’re all sick and tired of privileged and entitled Greens running us down as racist occupiers of our own home and destroyers of our own planet. I will never stop calling them out, and if they can’t handle it, my offer to take them to the airport is still there.

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