The Elite 'Fiddles' as the Global Food Chain Burns

Earlier today, New Zealand’s Farmers' Federation issued a dire warning that all Australians need to hear, and take VERY seriously.

The ‘crisis in the Ukraine’ is having a CATASTROPHIC impact on the world’s food supply and many people will suffer, including us.

We are faced, one NZ wheat farmer said, with "the worst food crisis in modern human existence".

For centuries, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine were known as the world’s breadbasket. This is because the region accounts for over 40% of the world’s wheat, along with many other key crops, oils, and fertilisers.

Today, exports from the region have slowed to a trickle. From Ukraine, they have ground to a halt.

The impact of this on the world’s food chain, which was already stretched to breaking point, could be biblical.

It doesn’t matter where you live, or who you trade with, taking agricultural producers the size of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia out of production will impact EVERYONE.

And yet Australia’s government and media seem completely oblivious to this fact.

Most are too busy having hysterics over Putin to EVEN NOTICE what is happening, let alone acknowledge or prepare for it.

That’s what happens, I guess when you are being 'governed' by a bunch of narcissists so sunk in 'groupthink' and 'spin', that 'inconvenient truths' are treated as heresy.

Those who try to point them out, are howled down and threatened with censorship.

They think they are gods or something, where any 'fact' or 'harsh reality' is ONLY accepted if it conforms to the narrative or one of their pet theories.

The problem is they're NOT gods. Far from it. They are not even particularly intelligent or capable human beings at the end of the day.

After all, it was their reckless policies that drove this country’s economy into the ground to the point that our middle and working classes can now barely survive.

It was under their watch that the price of everything skyrocketed, pensions and wages slid backward and small businesses are slowly dying.

Whole sectors of our economy, meanwhile, are being propped up artificially through regular injections of mountainous amounts of public debt and wild bouts of money printing by the RBA.

What all this means in real terms – THE MOST REAL – is that Australians are all much, much poorer today.

Poorer than ANY OTHER generation since the 1930s.

And yet amazingly, our so-called 'elites' continue to ignore ALL of it.

Some even like to pretend we are living through an economic 'golden age', where ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ has magically disproved every hard fact learned over centuries.

Of course, it won’t be they, or anyone they know, who suffers when food shortages hit.

It will be US.

And, as someone famous once said, "THEY don’t really care about US".


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