Doctors' Rort Fails Rural Communities

When it comes to failed government schemes it doesn't get much worse than this.

From the Daily Telegraph, "Medical students are abusing a scheme that sees taxpayers foot the $100,000 bill for their university education in return for them practicing in the bush when they graduate.

"Just four per cent of the 13,521 participants (597 participants) have completed their return-of-service obligations and 779 participants (5.7 per cent) have withdrawn from the program.

"There are 12,145 remaining active participants and while half of them 6904 (56.8 per cent) are still studying, the rest have yet to fulfil their pledge to work in the bush after graduating the Department of Health has revealed.

"Medical students have 18 years in which to fulfil their promise to work in the bush for three years. Those who still refuse have to pay back the cost of their medical degree 'plus interest'.

"The failure of the program comes as a Senate committee reports that bush towns can’t find doctors and patients are waiting months to see a GP.

"The Senate report also makes the startling revelation than half of all Australia’s GP are now overseas trained as local medical students shun the career because of poor pay and conditions."

So what was supposed to be a scheme to help communities in need get the proper health care they deserve has turned into a multi-million dollar handout and the government has tried to hide its failure by importing doctors from overseas.

Have you ever heard a better example of how our failed governments operate than this?

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