Convoy to Canberra

I was again disappointed with the number of media that referred to the Convoy to Canberra as an 'anti-vax' event.
I can assure you many people I spoke to at yesterdays event were vaccinated and strongly believe in standard vaccine practices this country has had prior to covid.
Many of these people either don't subscribe to the COVID vaccine, or refuse to have the boosters that have been mandated in states like Victoria.
The vast majority of people who attended the week long series of events in Canberra are not anti-vaxxers.
It's time the mainstream media start reporting these events accurately - because for everyday you fail to do so, you only further erode the trust people once had in your industry.
Can I also add that while I lost Malcolm Roberts due to the outage in mobile coverage, I was happy to walk down to the event with Gerard Rennick.